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Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
they are and what this investigation has is far from over. we have the latest details. >>> a local neighborhood is considered one of the best in the country. find out if it's where you live on this wednesday, october 3rd. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. it's the middle of the week. yesterday was a washout. >> it was. we were with you throughout the morning so you would know what to expect as those rains just would not leave. >> exactly. it was the afternoon and through the evening that we saw a little bit of a break out there. now the rain is being replaced with fog this morning. we have reduced visibility, less than quarter mile in a lot of spots this morning, so you need to take it easy. very difficult to get to work and where you're going this morning. due to that, we do have a dense fog advisory here in this gray area. hartford county, cecil county and anne arundel county until about 8:00 this morning. we do have one lone shower out there as we work our way into harbor county, bel aire, just to the north of jarrettsville. you can see it along i-83 this mor
Oct 10, 2012 4:30am EDT
and some cabs have as many as 8 -- some cars have as many as 8 air bags. you can call your local manufacturer or local dealership to find out if your vehicle model is actually one of the counterfeit air bags. all in an effort to keep you and your family safe. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> it's a good chance you have not been outside yet but if you saw sherrie you could tell it's misty and foggy and in some spots rany. is that the -- rainy. is that the norm or will things clear out. >> we will start to clear out as we go throughout the day. tonight look like it. as we -- doesn't look like it. we are tracking a front that will slice through the area by this afternoon. it will be a dry front bringing a cool down heading into tomorrow. and we will have a secondary front on the way going into friday. but for right now, we are dealing with the mist you are talking about and patchy fog. we have clouds and the clouds will decrease going throughout the day. so i will call it a sun-cloud mix. do you need the heavy coat this morning? no necessarily because the temperatures
Oct 19, 2012 4:30am EDT
public in many cases. they show local officials helping uncover or rather cover up the abuse allegations. the l.a. times created an interactive map for you showing where the abuse happened across the u.s. you can also see how many cases were opened up this year and most of them dating back to the late 80s and early 90s. you can search by city and by state. our scripps national investigative team are putting together the finishing touches of a 6 month investigation look into 30,000 of the files. we have obtained and reviewed for the first time you will see the magnitude of the sex abuse scapeddal and how some scouts pleads for -- scandal and how some scouts pleads for help were ignored. you will see it on abc2 news beginning october 28th. >>> 4:37. the ravens are heading to the lone star state. on sunday the team takes on the houston texans. the last time these two teams met was in the division championship. and ravens won that game. the defense will look different this week. ray lewis and ladarius webb will not be on the field because they are injured. we may see terrell suggs. rumor has
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
was in was swept off the road. time for a check of the roads and traffic here locally. you wouldn't want to deal with that from the storms if it happened here. >> whenever there's flooding like that it's extremely dangerous. never ever drive in that>> that's right. >> it could be debtedly. >> -- led i -- deadly. >> we have fog out there. >> we have dense fog frederick and westward. carroll and baltimore county has fog. and we will talk about the cool temperatures this morning. it's chilly out there. look at the 47 in baltimore right now. we are at 47 in chestertown and annapolis good morning to you, you are at 51. and 50 in bel air this morning and elkton at 48 and reisterstown at 52. frederick at 49 and rockville at 50. so you know this means, grab the jacket as you head out. you are going to need it. even as we go into the after moon it's not going to warm up that much. i will call it seasonable but there's a little kink thrown in my forecast this morning. let's show you what's going on here we are seeing more clouds moving in here and all this is courtesy of a system that's down to the south.
Oct 2, 2012 4:30am EDT
as adults. >>> ravens players, on the sidelines when it comes to the fight against obesity, heading to local schools hoping to get kids moving. a live preview. i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today. time for a check of the forecast and it could be changing, rain coming in, so lynette charles, people need to pack the umbrellas. >> we are seeing light rain across baltimore. light sprinkles across the area. most of the rain towards the west and the south. you can see the yellows working in around west virginia and virginia, harrisonburg. you are going to be running in to the thick of things. give it times it will work in to the area as we head through this morning. what we will see is off and on showers throughout the day. don't forget the gear. we look at the temperatures this morning, we are on the mild siding stephensville, 64 degrees, jeff son 56. throughout the days we will be seeing temperatures bumping up a bit. for this morning, when we wake up around 61 degrees, a damp morning and the afternoon will be mostly cloudy with the temperature coming in 74 degrees by lunchtime. we do have
Oct 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
a local scrap metal business waking up behind bars this morning after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting his coworker. police say that 29-year-old justin earl goreham kicked a man out of the whom they shared, drove him around at gunpoint and that's because he thought the worker overpaid for a load of scrap. apparently goreham told the worker to call his brother and get ransom money to make up for the mistake. the worker's brother called police and gorham is being held on $2 50,000 bail. >>> fadge victory thanks to efforts nearly 700 u.s. based website accused of selling counterfeit drugs was shut down. it was part of a international operation. the drugs offered on the website were antibiotics weight loss pills and anticancer medications. the baltimore office was chosen to lead the operation because of the experience with similar cases. >>> looking at some of the events happening in our area today, a baltimore washington medical center holding a free health fair at arundel mills mall. you can get screenings including blood pressure and blue coast check and bone density. this is happening
Oct 9, 2012 4:30am EDT
to to check it out. >>> today a local restaurant host a -- host a benefit in honor for daniel that takes place from 4:30 to 8:30 at a father of the spot a mcdonald's across from perry hall. prayers for daniel will be -- bracelets will be old for $2.25 for all the food sales that are going to his family. the perry hall high school student was shot and hurt in the cafeteria on the first day of school. >>> the deadly meningitis outbreak continues to get worse and health officials say 105 cases have been reported. it keeps getting bigger and bigger. there have been at least 5 confirmed cases of meningitis in our state. one of the resulted in a death. the food and drug administration says that the disease right now is coming from a batch of prepackaged epidurals. doctors say victims are getting sek so quickly because of the tainted steroid that was injected into their bodies. >> when we do epidural with the needle inside the spinal canal and infection can spread faster because it's a closed space. >> the contaminated epidural was sent 23 saints from new england. 7 facil
Oct 22, 2012 4:30am EDT
this morning. that's a look at your abc2 news time saver traffic, over to you. >>> a local charity wants to make sure your kids eat healthy, even when they are not as home. there is a healthy for kids celebratory event at kids table. that's part of a national movement to change the way kids eat by offering healthy options on school days, daycare and summer camps. >>> a cupcake sisters will be in baltimore. dc cupcakes at costa's inn for a reception and book signing. the event starts at 7:15 and hosted by the greek american foundation. >>> company that makes banana boat sunscreen is recalling 23 spray because they can catch fire. the spray could burst in to flames on your skin, if you come in contact with an open flame or spark, before the spray is dry. >>> ellen degenerous will be in washington dc, honored with a kennedy centers 15th app yule mark twaip prize for american humor, -- twain prize for american hue hoer. humor. >>> tech world is buzzing about what apple will unveil tomorrow, the company is holding an event tomorrow. they will debut the ipad mini with a price tag of $300, who
Oct 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
access to affordable healthy and locally grown food. she will join student from the academy of college and career exploration planting fruit and fruit trees. this is the second annual food day and the goal is to raise awareness. >>> a gunman killed three mothers. tonight hundreds are expected to gather in wisconsin for a candlelight vigil answering the victims of the shooting. they were killed earlier this week when 45-year-old rad click haughton opened fire. the target was his wife who he terrorized from years. he was later found dead from self-inflicted wounds. altogether the three women leavebehind 7 children. >>> in a. >> reporter: ate youngest perp killed in the movie theater massacre was laid to rest. a private service was held for the 6-year-old veronica moster sullivan. she was killed in july when james holmes opened fire during the premier of the dark knight. the child's mother was paralyzed and the family waited months to hold the funeral so the mother could finish rehab. >>> thursday marks the beginning of the handling pilgrimage for muslims. soughti leaders will stop protes
Oct 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
. >>> a rocking workout to tell you about. today performers from disney on ice and local dancers are holding an afterschool dance class for children and their families. it's going to take place at the athletic club in towson and it starts at 2:15. the show disney on ice presents rocking ever after and currently at first marina. >>> all you have to do is exercise according to a new study. it's good for the brain and the body. scientists loed at 640 people from scotland born in 1936 and age 70 they filled out questionnaires about their lifestyles. three years later they got mris from their brain scans and they tended to have larger brains than those who didn't work out. >>> if hurricane sandy hits the area people could once again be without power for days if this happens bge wants to make sure you are prepared. they are passing along tips you should know about. stay informed and make a plan and make a list of emergency phone numbers so build an emergency kit that kit should include things such as flashlights, patries, a corded phone -- batteries, a corded phone and food as well as water. >>> a
Oct 29, 2012 4:30am EDT
on there is the list of local shelters that is updated regularly. so, done down load that. it's free. and it will keep you ahead of thgame. >> thanks for joining us from the red cross of central maryland many good to know you are there. >> thank you. >> a big worry on everyone's mind is power outages as result of the storm. >> bge sent out a call for more help and they did it early. and the crews they have been coming as far away as texas. >> linda so is live at the staging area near bwi and linda, with a storm this massive it could be days before they go out and work towards restoring power right. >> reporter: that's because of the wind and stronger winds we have been expecting. in the two hours we have been here i felt the wind pick up. it's harder to keep my umbrella up here but this is the parking lot where all of those utility trucks are manned. a lot of them from out of state. again we have crews from 10states to help. they are preparing for massive power outage that sandy makes the way to the area. strong winds and heavy rains bringing down a lot of trees and power lines and leave thousands of
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11